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Mobile Strategy – The Purge is coming and your business needs to invest in it right now!

The app stores are changing since Apple and Google launched their App stores in 2008. At the time it was hard to believe the potential of the stores, how they would affect business and the day to day shopping experiences of users. For early adopters there was a huge amount of opportunity to get customer face time. But now there are over 3 million apps deployed in both stores. Its a massive number, whilst many apps are just games there are a huge number of poorly executed and non functional apps that have no strategy or customer following.

Apple is changing their store. They are fed up of all the rubbish apps out there and they are now removing problematic, abandoned or unmaintained apps. They are pressing developers to build quality apps and maintain them. A purge is coming and almost 200,000 apps are expected to be removed from the Apple Store alone. And Google is following suit with their own quality controls checking for unstable or insecure apps.

Indeed there are many apps that may have slipped through the net on quality. If your app does not comply with Apple or Googles policies and best practices then you’re in danger of losing that app. The axe will fall. And indeed some apps developed on 3rd party frameworks will no longer be supported by Apple.

What does this mean for your business? 

Businesses that jumped on the band wagon and knocked up a quick app need to look at their reviews. If your app doesn’t work, downloads are slow or non existent, or the features are outdated, you can expect a user to delete the app. The market has matured and users expectations are higher than ever. They expect an app not to ‘just work’, but to deliver value to their lives, to give them a real mobile user experience, or mobile moments that add value, not frustrate them otherwise they will delete it.

You cannot afford to miss this opportunity to give your customers a unique and personalised experience with mobile. A users mobile experience is a reflection on your brand. Users are more sophisticated than ever now and they expect personalisation, actionable user experiences and informative features all within a beautiful looking and branded app.

Has your brand invested in a strategic mobile roadmap and beautiful app?

Those brands that invested in a mobile strategy, invested in mobile user experience and built a beautiful app will certainly reap the rewards. As Apple and Googles spring cleaning commences these brands will achieve what every marketeer strives for: getting in front of their customer every hour of the day in a personal, actionable and strategic way. And for those that didn’t , or didn’t get it right ? Well there’s good news – its not too late.

There many examples of brands that have achieved great success. Brands that have invested in a strong mobile strategy aligned with their business goals. Take Amazon, McDonalds, Next, Asos and Starbucks for example, they are not simply leading in their industries because they have the best products, they are leaders because they’ve invested in digital, in web and in mobile and they’ve created mobile experiences and loyalty programmes that their customers love.

These brands have invested in mobile strategies.

Sometimes they take advantage of the features and mobile moments such as smart push notifications that make it easier for their customers to buy their products. Their investment has won them awards. An now, on average, they bring in 30% of their business through mobile channels. An experience that brings value and makes customers loyal advocates of their brand.

“The way to a customer’s heart is much more than a loyalty program. Making customer evangelists is about creating experiences worth talking about.” – Valeria Maltoni, global brand strategy expert and writer for Fast Company

Brands need to go beyond the bare essentials. Whether you’re a large Fortune 500 or a smaller SME there is room for you to develop and invest in your brand. It’s time to go beyond the ‘basic app’. It’s time to think smart. It’s time to build an app that meets customers needs, empowers them and adds value to their mobile experience. This does not mean developing a monolithic and expensive app. You can take advantage of new features Apple and Google are providing, be discreet and think about that mobile moment or wow factor and use the tools provided – for example a recent feature now allows product owners to provide feedback on customer app reviews. 90% of consumers use mobile apps to help them make quick decisions – to be empowered to buy. With the right strategy you can empower your customers and get a far better ROI.

Revisit your mobile app roadmap now!

A truly intuitive and successful mobile strategy does not just last for a few months, 6 months or even a year – and it’s certainly not just for Xmas. Technology is always improving, mobile innovation is a constant, apps are becoming more secure, and developers have become smarter and more efficient. Apple and Google bring out more sophisticated features and devices every year. A business needs the support of expert iOS and Android developers who understand these platforms on an extremely technical level to help them build out their offering and have a truly strategic mobile roadmap and long term product.

If your brand wants to be successful and follow in the footsteps of the giants like Next and Starbucks then you should consider partnering with an app development agency or mobile consultancy who can deliver the strategic roadmap as well as the tools and skills to develop the app that meets your product and business goals.

The perfect app is one that delivers a combination of consumer needs, business goals, and technological solutions for the long term. For a really successful app don’t waste your budget on a weak solution, don’t just outsource the problem overseas because its cheaper. You will end up with a weak product with limited or no ROI.

Your brand deserves a mobile channel that delivers and lasts a lifetime. So you need to reconsider your businesses mobile strategy, develop a new app or simply audit your existing code to uncover why its not working. The longer you wait to invest in a functional, beautiful, valuable mobile app and mobile strategy the sooner you’ll be left behind by your competitors who will be mobile leaders.

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