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We’ve partnered with dozens of companies in a variety of capacities. Providing mobile strategy & mobile consultancy, new app development, old app maintenance, UX design,  app reviews, mentoring and auditing. If you need help with mobile we guarantee we can help.

Whilst we have a personable approach to working with our customers, we are methodical and have developed a new initiative we call Mobile 360.  This is a framework with services we apply at the different stages of your app development.

Whether you’re starting out with a new app or looking to improve your app and development services, Mobile 360 combined with our approach to mobile strategy will help focus and drive improvement to create a successful mobile app.

Catalyst Mobile are based in Harrogate near Leeds in North Yorkshire

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Mobile 360

Mobile 360 is a framework of services applied to your mobile strategy.   Developed to help our clients overcome the challenges they face when developing mobile apps.


Meet the Live Mobile Strategy Planner.  Catalyst Mobile has developed this innovative planing tool to help you concisely plan, share and track your Mobile Strategy.

  • Quickly document your business model and mobile strategy.
  • Visualise and share your Mobile Strategy in a beautiful visual format .
  • Track and update your mobile strategy over time.

We’ve developed a systematic approach to managing and monitoring the performance, health , viability  and ongoing maintenance of your mobile apps and development processes.

  • Review and assess the quality of your app with respect to analytics architecture, development  processes and standards.
  • Ensure ongoing app conformity.
  • Regular quality and maintenance checks and updates.

Our mentorship program provides you with assistance and assurance as you embrace emerging technologies , optimise your processes and kick off your mobile initiatives.

  • We can assist your teams as they embrace new emerging technologies or look to improve processes and delivery.
  • Prototyping technical solutions.
  • White label assignments.  e,g RFPs, Pitches, development.

With over 25 years  in Enterprise development and over 55 mobile apps developed, our mobile app development team has huge experience across a wide range of apps.

Experts in Android development and iOS development.

Working with both native and cross platform tools including Xcode, Android Studio and Xamarin.

A well rounded team of designers , software engineers and testers.

Managing Director and Founder

Chris Baxter

Mobile Consultant, iOS Developer and Author of Beginning CareKit Development

A commercially astute, widely respected and passionate mobile consultant, developer, technical lead and published author of ‘Beginning Carekit Development in Swift’, Chris has a wealth of proven technology leadership, software development and Enterprise IT programme delivery experience gained throughout a 25-year career including a career emphasis over the last 10 years in the mobile apps.

Chris has provided mobile development services and consulting with many different organisations in different capacities. From News UK to Manchester City Football club, and Sky Digital to white label work with creative agencies such as Delete Agency.  This experience has enabled Chris to develop a unique insight and skillset which he now uses to help businesses improve their mobile offering.

“Our vision is to provide a mobile app development experience that is personal and totally focused on providing your business with great value.  Our offering has been crafted specifically to give organisations that helping hand,  either before you engage with a developer or simply when you need to improve quality and the return on your investment.”


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